Our Major Attractions

Changey Falls

    A 900 ft walking trail from the last motorable point will take you to Changey falls. Extreme calmness with huge waterfall sound makes a wonderful contrast. Show/Hide

Tiffin Dara and Ghanti Dara

    Trek of 3 km to tiffindara view point (7700 ft) .You can have a spectacular view of over Kanchanjunga a range.Sunrise and Sunset spots at Tiffin Dara and Show/Hide


    Rishyap also known Rishop / Risop, is a small village ,situated on 2951 meter above sea level. It is just 9 Km road distance from Lava, but if you are Show/Hide

Lava Jamgon Kongtrul Monastery

    Lava Jamgon Kongtrul Monastery was established by the third Jamgon Kongtrul and was dedicated to sangha of Lava monastery. Local devotees come Show/Hide


    Lolegaon is, a small Lepcha village with a population of about 5000, situated in an extreme end of a Himalayan Ridge. It is in the middle of the heritage Show/Hide

Neora Valley National Park

    Neora valley National park known for its pristine and virgin forests known for its wild fauna population of Red Panda Himalayan Black Beer, Royal Bengal Show/Hide
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